Copenhagen Contemporary, Copenhagen 2021

Photo: Ve Vidoe
Material: Latex, straps, carbine hooks, dance vinyl, water

In a dripping latex installation unfolds a textural and poetic performance that moves through companionships, politics of touch, tactility, and emotions. The erotic, the uncanny, the intimate and the unreal are interweaved, questioned, and embraced.

Caresses is a choreographic work by choreographer and artist, Emilie Gregersen, developed in close collaboration with dancer Paolo De Venecia Gile, sound artist Karis Zidore, and visual artist Elin Stampe, and dramaturge and choreographic consultant Naya Moll.


Concept and staging: Emilie Gregersen
Dance and choreography: Paolo De Venecia Gile and Emilie Gregersen
Sound and composition: Karis Zidore
Bass: Mads Ege
Guitar: Marie Louise Buch
Installation and scenography: Elin Stampe
Light: Madeleine Lind Hoppe
Dramaturge and choreographic consultant: Naya Moll
Costumes: Elin Stampe and Emilie Gregersen
Producer: Sebastian Nervil
Administration: Projektcentret, Dansehallerne