Imagine Water

Participatory ceremony
Liljeholmen, Stockholm 2023

Photo: Jonas Dahlberg and Jiska Huizing 
Material: Natural dyed fabric, bodies of water  

Project initiated by:
Ase Brunborg Lie

Gülbeden Kulbay
Elin Stampe 

Imagine Water is an ongoing thinking process with and through water at the industrial site Lövholmen in Stockholm. The water is the only public space beside the roads surrounding the otherwise privatized land area. We want to activate the water, creating a physical and metaphorical platform to discuss ownership, our physical and emotional connections to public space, and the complex ecologies it consists of. Thinking and mapping through water reveals the constructed divide between the human body and others, revealing other values than the hard values of buildings, infrastructure and constructed topographical divides of conventional mapmaking.

Through the materiality of our bodies, a large natural dyed cloth, and the body of water from the river, we want to engage the public in a water based ceremony. We want to map what arises from spending longer time in the area together, absorbing what the water and the place contain. In the name of watery beings, we believe that engaging with the public with its surroundings in a collective context is necessary where interactions involve sensorial experience carried by the qualities of water, inside and around our bodies.