Stockholm 2017

Photo: Liam Warton
Material: Silicon, insect net, metal

What is choreography? Is the body affected by space or space affected by the body?

Ögonblicksbilder discusses the interactive and choreographic relationship between the body and spatial object. Pauses and space create rhythm and movement. In Japanese architecture, the room is argued as being incarnate. Therefore, being in the room while experiencing it with all senses, instead of understanding the room through the central perspective, is important. Interaction is crucial and the subjective experience creates the room. Body and space are in relation, dependent on one another to exist.

I’m observing the eye
The round shape in white appears oval beneath the covering eyelid
The eyeball has a gel like character
with the volume of an inflated balloon

Sections within the eye defines the room
Impressions are transported like timelines
between external and internal
The light is filtered
through a carbon black pupil
In the intersection the picture is reversed
and pushed back