Sonar Sea 

- the acoustic experience of the Baltic Sea dynamics

Audio Visual Installation
Stockholm 2021

Photo: Liam Warton and Sandra Vitaljic
Material: glass, stainless steel, metal wire, surface transducers, cables, water from the Baltic Sea 
Collaboration: Hand blown glass by Evelina Dovsten

Konstfack Spring Exhibition 2021 

Water is one of our most vital elements and as it flows it facilitates the being and becoming of life on Earth. Like all bodies of water, the sea manifests itself in a pulsating sequence as currents travel through its layers, creating expanding and contracting motions. Life itself begun in the sea, but today the marine environment is neglected to benefit the human way of life. With my degree project I am addressing the conditions and importance of water as a dynamic body through an acoustic exploration of the Baltic Sea.

How can we relate to the constant movements and shifts occurring in the sea? Through a sensory experience of sound impulses, I am exploring how the sea dynamics can be felt and visualised as a spatial composition. I believe that performative spaces enable emotional attachment which in turn can affect environmental understandings and change behaviours.